Friday, March 12, 1999

Dear Baby,
Hello precious little one. Today was a very drizzly day here in our area. Still, as we drove into Fort Worth for the doctor’s appointment, I noticed these beautiful yellow and blue flowers. I just marveled at the beauty of God’s creation. I know you will be beautiful too, because God made you! Things didn’t go exactly as planned at the doctor’s appointment today. The lady who does the sonograms didn’t come into the office today. They told me it was a scheduling error. I was pretty upset when I found out. The doctor told me I could go over to the hospital and have a sonogram or come back on Monday. Daddy and I thought we’d go ahead and try to have the sonogram today. When we went over to the hospital to pre-register for it, they were so mean and rude to us that we walked out of there crying. Daddy held me for a while and then we went back to the doctor’s office and asked to come back in on Monday for a sonogram. They were more than happy to fit us in. We also found out that if we had the sonogram today, they wouldn’t be able to videotape it for us, so we’re glad we’re waiting, even though I’m really impatient. The doctor tried to hear your heartbeat, but you’re still not big enough for that. Hopefully in a few weeks. So, we’ll be going in Monday to get to see you for the first time. We are so excited about that. We pray for you daily precious Baby. I had better get some stuff done. I’ll write you again after the sonogram on Monday.
Love, Mommy


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