Tuesday, May 4, 1999

Dear Baby,
Good evening sweetheart. We just got back from the doctor’s office. Everything is going well. I am at 17 weeks 2 days today. I haven’t gained any weight or lost anymore. I’m staying at one weight which I guess is better than losing more. My blood pressure is good although it was up a little from last time. We heard your heartbeat again. That’s always a nice sound to hear. The doctor couldn’t believe how much you were moving around. We bought a monitor to use at home to be able to hear your heartbeat, kicks, etc. We’ve heard you already several times. Whenever I put the monitor on my tummy to listen, you always turn around and start kicking the monitor. It is way too cute!! I laughed at you today because when I am standing up, I can sometimes feel your feet or hand poking at my tummy to where there is a little bump. I told your Daddy to press on it a bit so he could feel you too. Either you didn’t like it or you thought it was funny, because you kicked at him so hard. I almost fell over laughing because it was so funny. He jerked his hand away and couldn’t believe you could kick that hard. I asked him if he thought you would be a kicker for the NFL. He said maybe, but then I asked what happens if you are a girl. He said you could still do it. We’ll be happy whether you are a boy or girl. Oh, one thing we found out today is that I have A- blood and Daddy has A+, so I will have to have the RhoGAM shot at 28 weeks to make sure everything is ok. Well that’s about it. I missed my nap and so I’m going to bed early tonight. We love you sweetheart!
Love, Mommy


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