Tuesday, September 28, 1999

Dear Baby,
Well little one, it’s been a hard last few days. Mommy began have contractions on Friday. We went to the hospital late Friday night because they got to be 5 minutes apart, but then they went back to irregular. They gave me some medication to sleep and sent me home. I didn’t sleep and it’s continued that way since. We had our baby shower Saturday afternoon. It was really nice and we got alot of the things we needed. We are now to Day 5 of contractions and no sleep. I’m so exhausted. We called the doctor yesterday and they gave me a prescription for some sleeping pills that you’re not supposed to take while you are pregnant. I refused to take it and we went in for our regularly scheduled appointment this morning. My weight was back down 2 pounds so we’re just at 5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight. Blood pressure was good at 130/80. You have dropped. The doctor checked my cervix and no more dilation. Still the same as last week (1 cm). I discussed with him the fact that I wasn’t going to take the sleeping pills he prescribed yesterday because of the literature that came with it saying not to take it if you are pregnant. He said it was my choice. He gave me a prescription for a pain pill. We took it to the pharmacy and I read all the information on the medicine before I agreed to even have it filled. It appears to be ok to take as long as I take the lowest dose only when needed. The doctor says he hopes to see me in labor and delivery before next Tuesday, but if not, we will discuss induction at my appointment on Tuesday, October 5th. We’re praying that you will come before next Tuesday as we really don’t want to induce, but we’re taking it one step at a time. Hope to see your precious little face soon little one! We love you little one!
Love, Mommy


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