Tuesday, October 30, 2001

As written by Mrs. Lori Franklin (Damaris’ best friend Emily’s Mommy)

Damaris is over here this morning and she is continually cracking me up.

While Emily was taking her nap, Damaris was watching Dora the Explorer. Dora & Boots were making Donkey sounds. Well, Damaris starting going “Hee-haw” over and over again. She then started going “G-paw” over and over again. Which is what they call Christie’s daddy! LOL!

A little later Emily got up. She was sitting on the floor still waking up a bit. Damaris runs over to her, grabs her hands, and says “Come On Baby Em Stand Walk.” Emily just kind of stared at her. Once Emily did finally stand up, Damaris took off while holding Emily’s hand. Well, this resulted in a crash landing. Nobody was hurt, so it was funny.

Even though they are 10 months apart, they are the best of friends! I know it won’t be long until Emily is able to keep up with Damaris, and I know that will make Damaris so happy!


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