Saturday, April 20, 2002

Thought I would share a Damaris funny. I had run to Walmart and the grocery store, so Russ and Damaris were here together. Russ had gone outside to start the grill so we could cook out tonight. Damaris was playing in the living room. She has this obsession with doors being closed. You guessed it. She closed the front door and Russ was locked out. He made her sit on the couch and look out the window the whole time so he knew she wasn’t getting in trouble. I got home about 15 minutes later and unlocked the door. Damaris thought the whole thing was funny. She laughed at Russ out the window. She did try to open the door for him, but her hands aren’t big enough to turn the doorknob. He knew that if he needed too he could break a window to get in or go to a neighbor’s and call me on the cell phone. Luckily she sat by the window and watched him outside the whole time. Oh what joy our darling daughter brings to our life.


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