Friday, July 06, 2007

Finally Updating
I’ve been extremely remiss in keeping Damaris’ blog up to date. Damaris finished 2nd grade on May 25th. She passed everything with flying colors. Here are her yearly grades:
Spelling – 99
Bible – 99
Language Arts – 99
Math – 97
History & Geography – 95
Science – 98
Spanish – we didn’t do grades for this, just enjoyed the learning experience which we’ll continue in 3rd grade

Damaris has been busy this summer. She has enjoyed participating in activities at Friendship House and also went to a day camp at Abilene Christian University. She is doing a few things for school until we start 3rd grade utilizing Switched On Schoolhouse curriculum. This summer, she is doing a math workbook to increase her knowledge of addition and subtraction. She is also perfecting her cursive writing. She is learning how to type with the proper fingers to give her an advantage with her new school curriculum this fall which will be computer based. She is also reading chapter books and writing (in cursive) a brief summary of each chapter.

She and I talked and I’m going to help her start to blog more this summer. She is going to mainly be sharing about the books she is reading which will further enhance her other school assignments. Enjoy!

Damaris’ Mommy, C.C.


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