The Discovery of the Bow and Arrow

I made this story for my Social Studies class. Thought yall might like.

There once was a time when the gods ruled Mount Olympus and man. Only twelve gods ruled in the heights of Mount Olympus, while the other gods ruled among different places in the world. This is a story about Apollo, the god of the Sun, music, healing, and prophecy, and Artemis, the twin sister of Apollo and goddess of the Moon, the Hunt, and forests and hills.

One day the brother and sister decided to take a walk in Delphi, Greece, a most sacred place to Apollo. They flew down to the Earth in Apollo’s sun chariot, and when they landed, they started running around and chased each other, as any brother and sister would do. They finally stopped running when Artemis tackled Apollo which caused them to start wrestling. They both struggled to win, to stay on top. Finally, after a few minutes, Apollo and Artemis sat up and laughed.

They laughed and laughed, and you never heard anything like it! Their laughs rang like a crystal bell in the night. They laughed until their sides hurt, then laughed some more. But laughing can never last for more than a few minutes, so the brother and sister grew very spiritless. “O, sister!” cried Apollo, “The day is young, the Sun is out and shining, and the weather is perfect. Yet what do we sit here and do? Nothing!

“O, brother!” replied Artemis, “I feel the same way. Even as we sit here, the day grows drearier and drearier. It feels as if there’s nothing to do.”

“Indeed,” said Apollo, “if only there was—oh, I say! What’s that over there?” Apollo pointed over eastward, and what Apollo saw was indeed a sight to see, for what he saw, were trees of silver and gold. And by silver and gold I don’t mean that silly Ag and Au, where the pictures in the science textbook make them look all dull. No, I mean real gold, and real silver, magic silver and gold.

Imagine a tree without leaves. Now, imagine that same tree without leaves, but beautiful, and gold and silver colored. Some branches shot straight up, while others drooped down, nearly broken off the tree, yet none of the branches looked as if they were going to die.

“Oh, they’re beautiful!” exclaimed Artemis as she ran down-hill to the trees. She ran, but then tripped over her own footing, and tumbled down the hill, stopping right in front of a silver tree.

“Hey, wait up!” shouted Apollo, but he too lost his footing as he ran down-hill, and he half tumbled half ran down-hill, until he finally stopped in front of a gold tree.

The air around the trees felt thicker than up on the hill. Not thick as in, you’re breathing in humid, groggy air, but thick air, air that has a presence of power (if that’s possible). They both extended their hands to touch the tree that they sat in front of.

The second the both touched the trees, a shiver was sent down their spines. It felt like something they’d dreaded all their life, yet eagerly anticipated. They found themselves breaking a branch off the trees, and shaped it with their hands, in a most odd shape. On one side it was hard, and curved, and on the other side rested a string, and when it was pulled it sounded like the deepest, most rich sound you ever heard. They then pulled off six branches, and formed a solid, straight form, shorter than the other form, with one of the tips sharp as a spear, the other side with feathers sticking out and a nock in the middle of the top.

When Artemis and Apollo finished shaping the branches, the held them out at arms length, and gasped, for what they saw was a weapon unlike any other. The shorter form was able to fit onto the string of the larger form, and the string could be pulled back at any length. And when you released the string, the shorter form shot from the larger and landed in that which you aimed at.

“I shall call this larger form a bow,” declared Artemis as she released the string. “And I shall call this shorter form an arrow, more swift than and as sharp as any spear,” declared Apollo.

And that is how the bow and arrow were discovered, by two siblings out for a walk in Delphi. The bow and arrow became a symbol of Apollo and Artemis, the twin archers.

Pictures from redheaded-step-child on deviantart.



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2 responses to “The Discovery of the Bow and Arrow

  1. G Pa and B Ma


    We’re proud of you…….great job…….

  2. Great story sweetheart! I’m proud of you 🙂
    Love, Mamma

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