The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 13

My mom and her friend Jamee are doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge. For more information, go here.

Day 13) Your favourite musician and why?

I like a lot of musicians. A few days ago Mom introduced me to Harry Connick Jr., and he looks pretty awesome. Adele is SO AWESOME!

Over the summer I found out about wizard wrock, which was a bunch of bands who sing about Harry Potter. I listened to a whole bunch of wrock bands, and a few I like, but the one I love the most is Ministry of Magic. They’re a bunch of crazy guys who never update their YouTube (grr), and some of their songs have made me cry. Songs by Ministry of Magic have shown me that HP is beautiful.

Thanks for reading, and Potterheads, remember, Harry Potter is never over. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.


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