The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15

My mom and her friend Jamee are doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge. For more information, go here.

Day 15) Something you don’t leave your house without.

claps hands together Alright, let’s see! pulls things at random out of my purse No, not that. Not that either. Nope. Nada. Zilch. AHA!! I FOUND IT!!

Recently, I have not left home without…my knitting!! Currently I’m knitting an HP House Unity scarf that I swear is going to be as tall as me or even taller. I swear it’s this big! (stretches out arms as far as I possibly can) I also never leave without my phone. Never-ever.

Thanks for reading, and this afternoon I watched the first two DW episodes with River and SHE IS SO AWESOME. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about…



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2 responses to “The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 15

  1. I guessed it would be your cell phone. LOL….:-)

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