The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

My mom and her friend Jamee are doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge. For more information, go here.

Day 22) Bullet your whole day.

Let’s see…

  • Woke up, ate cinnamon rolls
  • Got dressed in my awesome colorful dress
  • Went to church, I knitted during church while Mom crocheted
  • Drove home (no, I didn’t drive, Dad did)
  • Ate a delicious lunch of lasagna and yummy garlic knots
  • B-Ma washed the dishes and I dried
  • Watch DW with Dad. I watched Midnight, Turn Left, and The Stolen Earth.
  • I then got mad at the TV because The Stolen Earth is part one of two parts and Ten looked like he was regenerating but...(takes deep breath) you’ll find out later
  • Went to youth group and knitted and stuff
  • Came back home and took my shower
  • Dad and I convinced Mom to watch DW because I HAD TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED!! (Spoiler: Ten did not regenerate. He transferred the energy to his severed hand. It’s complicated.)
  • While watching Journey’s End, I ate some lasagna.
  • Did my chores and went to bed because it was past my bedtime after we finished watching DW
  • I went to sleep but not before crying about Donna


Thanks for reading, and this was about yesterday, not today. Yesterday.



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3 responses to “The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 22

  1. Thanks again for helping with the dishes!

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