The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

My mom and her friend Jamee are doing the 30 Day Blog Challenge. For more information, go here.

Day 27) Put your iPod on shuffle and list the first ten songs.

Since my iPod is currently someplace in time and space at the mo, I’ll think of 10 songs I know are on my iPod. (And on my mP3, it’s got all my Narnia scores.)

  1. Someone Like You by Adele
  2. Sweet Caroline by Glee Cast
  3. Uncharted by Sara Bareilles
  4. Cathedral Made of People by Downhere
  5. Beggar Who Gives Alms by Downhere
  6. The Call by Regina Spektor
  7. Aslan’s How by Harry-Gregson Williams (or is it Harry Gregson-Williams? I can’t remember)
  8. Courage by Superchic[k]
  9. The Prince Flees by Harry-Gregson Williams
  10. One Girl Revolution by Superchic[k]


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3 responses to “The 30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 27

  1. What…nothing by Hannah Montana?

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