31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 2

I realized after I had posted the Day 1 post, after I had gone to bed that it probably would’ve been better if I had posted the link to the Allume blog in the post. Here is the link for the Day 1 post, here is the link for the Day 2 post.

Instructions for Day 2:

Write a paragraph or two, about the equivalent of a blog post, so we’re talking around 300 words.  It can be about anything you want.  Then save it where you won’t lose it. Later, at the end of this series we’re going to look at it again and make it better, but you can’t improve on writing that has yet to be written, so get to it!


I sat on my bed looking at the book. I had dried tears on my face. What was it about pieces of paper with words on them that could make me so emotional? In the few days it had taken me to read this book, I had smiled, laughed, screamed in frustration, and cried. I had cried so hard. So hard.

I have to say, I’m more than a wee bit emotional. While watching the series 5 Doctor Who finale, I was crying for all of the episode. I cried at the end of Harry Potter, I cried at the end of Narnia, I cry quite frequently at Doctor Who. You see, that’s why writers are brilliant! They make up these fictional characters, characters that don’t exist. They make up these wonderful worlds, worlds that don’t exist. But even thought these things don’t exist, we get so very emotional over them anyway.

I’ve wanted to be many things. Fashion designer, marine biologist, mermaid who sells Avon (okay, hold on a moment. That was my mom’s idea. I swear upon fish fingers and custard!). But there was always one thing that remained in the back of my mind. I wanted to be an author. I had someone tell me once that if I had lived back then, I would’ve been a very good Inkling. I make up all these fairy-tales and fantasies in my head. If I ever become an author, I want to be one of the ones who can make you laugh and cry and shout in anger all in the same moment.


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One response to “31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 2

  1. Great job Mare! Keep writing! (And you were determined to become a mermaid who sold AVON back when you were little. I had nothing to do with it!) 🙂 ❤

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