31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 6

Day 6

Today’s challenge:

Write about something that is unique to your story.  It could be a physical feature or a life experience.  You could write about something that happened when you were growing up that impacted your life forever.


I am a writer. I spin wondrous tales of science fiction and fantasy in my head. Time travel, aliens, unheard of lands…most of it never gets written down. Those stories, forever lost into the Void (otherwise known as my mind which holds a whole heck of a lot of information). But don’t worry! There are always more stories! Stories that break the stereotypes. Brave princesses, princesses that save the day, the girls who slay the dragon… I think why a whole bunch of you lot visit my blog is because I’m a story-teller. Then again, not many people visit my blog (oh well). But I think that I can spin words and feelings and emotions all into one big story that you can easily understand. And that is brilliant. I like telling people other things in such a way that they can understand them, but it is a delight for me to tell. I like being unique like that. I love telling other people stories.


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