31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 12

Day 12

Today’s challenge:

Make a list of ten of your passions.  Pick one and write about why that topic/subject is your passion.  We want to know the nitty gritty whys and hows.  Maybe your love for war reenactments stems from your father taking you to battlefields and forts when you were younger or perhaps your pottery obsession is from a desire to understand the verse, “You are the potter and I am the clay…”  Whatever your passion, for whatever reason you pursue it, we want to hear about it.


  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Knitting
  4. Doctor Who
  5. Narnia
  6. Harry Potter
  7. Music/Singing
  8. Role-playing
  9. My family
  10. My friends

Ever since I can remember, I’ve loved music. I would sing very loudly whenever a song came on that I knew. When I got sent to timeout, I’d plug my headphones into the radio and play whatever CD was in there. Music was my getaway.

I loved being in the choir at church or school. The first song I ever remember memorizing was, ‘O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant…’ I remember kicking around the microphone cord when I sang the song because it was in my way. It was quite a laugh.

Now I listen to movie or television show soundtracks when I need to get away. I blast ‘I Am The Doctor’ or my Narnia soundtracks when I need something to listen to. Sometimes when I watch television shows, I keep forgetting to pay attention to the plot and listen to the background music instead.

I always have and always will love music. It will always be there when I need it.



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2 responses to “31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 12

  1. Patti

    Hi Damaris! I liked your post and passion. Mine is the same. Here is what I wrote. My mom is doing the challenge too. My name is Ashley and I am 10.
    The joy of singing is wonderful! When I first started singing I loved it. My passion for singing has been with me for a long time. Ten years!! Sometimes when I know the song I just blast out singing! When I don’t know the song I try to listen to the song and get to know it so if it comes on I can just start singing. It gives me a reason to start singing. I love singing!!!!!!!

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