31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 23

Day 23

Today’s challenge:

I want you to write three excerpts of dialogue.  They don’t need to be lengthy.  The focus is the exchange of words even if it is just back and forth a few times.  So, first identify which register it should be written in and then write a few lines of text back and forth between the parties.

1.)  A boyfriend and girlfriend saying goodbye as he is deployed for the next year.

2.) A professor giving a lecture on the importance of attending class regularly.

3.)  A discussion between women at a local Mom’s group regarding pre-schools.


1. She held back tears. “I’m going to miss you. Every day I’m going to miss you.”

He held her tight as she buried her face into his shoulder. “I know, I know you will. I’ll be back, soon.”

She looked at him. “Swear you’ll come back to me. Swear on something important.”

He managed a small smile and tapped her on the nose. “Fish fingers and custard.”

She gave a little smile. “I love you.”

“I love you too…”

2. I sat down in a seat in the classroom. I looked up from my books and looked at the professor. Short, curly black hair. High cheekbones. He looked like he knew everything. Everyone said he was a psychopath. And he talked very fast.

“Welcome to The History of Great Britain. If this is not listed on your schedule, you are not supposed to be here. I would advise that you go and find your correct class, Mr. Jones.”

A boy in the back of the class looked confused. “I-what?”

“You are not supposed to be here, Mr. Jones. Go find your correct class.”

The boy picked up his books and ran out of the class.

“Lovely. Now, this is The History of Great Britain. We meet on Wednesdays and Fridays. We start at 11:00 AM, not five minutes earlier or five minutes later. E-lev-en o-clock A-M. If you miss three of my classes, you will fail. Does anyone have any questions?”

Someone raised their hand straight up and said, “Sir, everyone says you’re a psychopath.”

The professor smiled. “Well, Mr. Anderson, you tell them that I am not a psychopath. I am a high-functioning sociopath. Let’s continue.”

I smiled. I liked this professor.

3. “No,” Annie said. “They can’t be old enough for preschool. They were just born yesterday. I’m terrified.”

“Well,” Irene replied. “Most of us don’t do regular preschool. We homeschool.”

“We looked at homeschooling, but I don’t know…,” Annie said.

“It’s quite nice,” replied Maria. “They’re in no rush to get done and they can work at their own pace.”

“Yeah, it’s wonderful,” Irene said.

“Well, when I was in regular school, it was a bit of a rush to get work done. We’ll look into it.” Annie smiled.


Yes, the inspiration for the professor was Steven Moffat’s version Sherlock Holmes. I watched A Study in Pink right before I started working on this, what can I say?


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