31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 24

Day 24

Today’s challenge:

I’d love to hear how you started blogging and what your dream for your writing is.  No dream is too big or small.  None of this, “I started blogging because I was bored.  The end.”  No, craft a story.  Make it interesting.  Make me understand why you worry yourself silly about things like SEO, grammar, and why we all just don’t give up?


My mom started a blog for me when I was 5 apparently. She updated it occasionally with my grades or silly stuff I said. And I guess in about 2007, I started blogging about stuff I read (and by blogging, I mean writing four sentences on each chapter of the book I was reading. I’m serious). In 2008, my mom moved my blog to WordPress. I did the four-sentences-on-each-chapter-thing here. Then my blog sort of went on hiatus. Occasionally I updated, but not that often. Then at the beginning of this year, my mom and her friend Jamee were going to do this 30 Day Blog Challenge thing. I thought that that would be a good way to get me blogging again, so I did it.

This is how my blog name came to be:

So, let’s see. My first blog was on Xanga and it was called…well, it didn’t have a name. I googled “damaris’ blog xanga” and I found it! But I’ll go hide now because the header is Hannah Montana. (insert loud high-pitched scream here)

Then I moved to WordPress. For the longest time it was just “Damaris’ Blog.” Nothing catchy, nothing that stood out, nothing that screamed “AN AWESOME PERSON BLOGS HERE!“. Then I thought, “Come on! I need a better blog name than that!”

So before you know how my blog name came to be, you should know some (dun dun duuuunn) background information! In TCON, there is a wardrobe that they use (only once, mind you) to get to Narnia. In DW, when new companions walk into the TARDIS of awesomeness, they always say, “It’s bigger on the inside!”, because, well, it is!

I went to Mom and said, “I need a new blog name.” She told me to wait and she’d think of something. Awhile later she asked me, “What do they always say about the TARDIS?” “Um, it’s bigger on the inside?” “Yes, it could be called ‘The Wardrobe is Bigger on the Inside.”

I think I was a bit hyper when I wrote that.

I don’t really blog for any certain purpose, I just do it to get my thoughts out. Some of my internet friends occasionally vlog, so it’s fun to see them talking, then I want to do a vlog too. So basically, I blog because I want to blog. I want others to hear my voice.



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2 responses to “31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 24

  1. You forgot to say that there’s also posts on here from when I blogged while I was pregnant with you and when you were a baby. 🙂

  2. staceydaze

    I think writing to write is a most excellent reason!

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