31 Days to Become a Better Writer – Day 25

Day 25

Today’s challenge:

Write an excerpt about what you did this weekend.  Then try to look at it from a different angle and write another excerpt about a specific part of the weekend and why it sticks out to you.


Saturday: Slept in late. And for me, late is 9:30. I did a language arts and a math lesson in school so I will finish school sometime around the beginning of June. I did a blog post that I didn’t do the day before because I was really stressed out (and it was past my bedtime…). I hung out in my room and knitted. I watched Star Trek: Voyager most of the afternoon and night with my mom. It stormed. Hard.

Sunday: I got a Whovian Institute Crest shirt on it. I love it! I wore it to church along with a pair of jeans. I felt underdressed because one of the boys was wearing a dress shirt and a tie and the girls were wearing dresses. I knitted during the church service. When we got home, we watched Psych while we ate. After my mom fell asleep, my dad and I watched two TV stories of Classic Doctor Who (he fell asleep while we were watching them). When we were about to eat dinner, I tried to convince them to watch Sherlock, but I failed.

Specific: You remember the Whovian Institute Crest shirt I was telling you about? It was on TeeFury, which is one of the sites where the shirt is only on there one day, then it’s gone. I sent it to my mom because I wanted it. I guess she and my dad talked about it and bought the shirt. It was back in the beginning of March when I sent it to her. She bought the shirt and hid it from me until yesterday. I wore the shirt all day yesterday. I love my parents for getting me that shirt. 🙂


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