insane Doctor’s insane Doctor

So my mom did a post like this for the Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge. It was so funny that I decided to do one for myself. I made a few edits though, because the grammar was awful. I did it here.

insane Doctor’s insane Doctor

Awkwardly I have never run, clumsily beyond
any Rose, your fez have their mad:
In your most quirky Luna Lovegood are the things which fall me,
or which I cannot kick because they are too eager.

Your loud look swiftly will un-eat me
though I have typed myself as a Nargle,
you always think Ravenclaw by Ravenclaw myself as Lucy Pevensie deduces
(waiting always, intelligently) her lonely Martha.

Or if your house be to forget me, I and
my Aslan will love very loudly, loyally,
as when the Amy of this Rose cries,
Rory is cleverly everywhere writing;

Nothing which we are to read in this Donna walks
the book of your geeky computer: whose telly
talks to me with the yarn of its TARDIS,
knitting bow ties and Moms with each hug.

(I do not laugh about what it is about you that sings
and grins; only something in me travels
the Dad of your fez is smarter than all of Lucy Pevensie.)
Sherlock, not even the deerstalker, has such bookish Narnia.

– Damaris (Based on somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond… by e.e. cummings)


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